My first product review

Once again I am super excited to bring you my first product review.  This is the first product that I have discovered and so far it has worked well with my natural look.

Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coilsaunt-jackies


I washed my hair using the Oh so clean moisturising and softening shampoo.  I have not washed with shampoo for a week (I have co-washed mid-week).  I made sure that I was gentle with my hair and did not wash too vigorously.



I deep conditioned with the In Control moisturising and softening conditioner for about an hour.  I covered my head with a plastic bag so that the conditioner could work its magic on my hair.  I was  outside hence the scarf.  I was not going to parade plastic bag on my head for all to see.




I rinsed my hair thoroughly, ending with a cold rinse for extra shine.   Did I mention that I dried my hair with a t-shirt (this comes highly recommended on most blogs I have been reading). The next step was to detangle my hair with the Knot on my watch detangler (I do not like the smell).  I combed my hair in sections with a wide tooth comb making sure not to pull or break as I detangled.  My hair is short so it is still very manageable.





My next step was to style my hair with the Curl la la curl defining custard.


I put quite a bit on my hair (it smells good).  I used my finger to define my coils and yes it works well.  As you can see from the photograph below, my coils were defined and my hair looked healthy and shiny.  It felt and also smelled good.

If only I knew about this product in my teens.  Life would have been so much simpler.

I give Aunt Jackie’s a 5 star rating!  Wish they’d open a shop in SA.


Until next time.

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